The Project

Sport Tradition Youth Linked Elderly – STYLE

Sporting Tradition Youth Linked Elderly (STYLE) is an innovative sport and tradition-based project that strives for European Union (EU) targets achievement as it is aligned with societal role of sport, humans’ development through sport and it promotes the social inclusion with the greater protection of the moral and physical integrity of sportspeople.

The main objective of the current project is to offer added value and alter the current way of sporting in children’s gaming, by blending the Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) of five European countries (Romania, Serbia, Poland, Greece and Turkey) and adding modifications for learning and hazards’ dealing.


Main scope of the project is to find the best combination between sporting and exercising for both Young Europeans and Elderly Europeans, under the umbrella of joy, tradition preservation, learning through morals and customs that the traditional games illustrate. Furthermore, the current project will not only concentrate on children’s beneficial outcomes but also, it will awake and exercise a big community part, the elderly. Elderly will consist the source for the data concentration-explanation of TSG that will be used as the reference and the starting base point for the new games, the outcome of the project. Each European countries’ diversity, unique specifications, dissimilar history and common characteristics, will play an important role for games’ formulation.

The results of STYLE will be added in a e-Handbook with basic outcome sections, among others:

  1. 7-10 new modified games and basis TSG, categorized by the target achieved; (and folk dances)
  2. Same games but modified for the elderly to play and sport themselves in the most feasible way.

STYLE will be the milestone leading the EU targets even closer to the fulfillment as it is imperative project for future improvement by preserving the tradition of the past in an innovative way of wide target group sporting and EU upgrading.